Friday, June 29, 2007

the work baby shower

Here are pictures of my work baby shower (back on June 2nd). We painted and designed onesies. It was a blast. I was so impressed by the designs they created. I'd be proud to let my son wear them in the privacy of our home. Just Kidding. The ladies I work with are amazing. I'm going to miss them when I leave. Christy (my co-worker) was so great to have the party at her house.

Jon and I finally have an apartment set up for when they kick us out of Wymount. Jon graduated and is no longer a student so we have to move. We were hoping to buy a home, but house prices are crazy down here in Utah County. So we decided to get a cheap apartment and save up a nice down payment on a home. We are also having to purchase a new car. When we put our carseat in the back of our Hyundai, we have to move the front seats so far forward that our knees bump up against the dashboard. I'll miss our little silver Hyundai. It's been a good little car.