Thursday, May 22, 2008

Take a deep breath.... now hold it.

So every once in a while there comes along a pic that reminds you of something you saw on tv. Well this one reminds me of all those cartoons you saw when the guy wanted to make himself look stronger. So he sucks in a deep breath and his tummy goes in and his chest gets bigger. Then he goes and saves the girl from the bad guy. Well this is my little hero.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

I loved 90210 in the 5th grade... You?

(This paragraph is an edit. I was so excited about the GPS that I forgot to tell you why we went. Jon had a work conference, so they paid for the hotel, car, Jon's airplane ticket and $50 a day for food. So we went on vacation.)

I am SOLD!!! GPS units are so cool. We had a rental car in LA and decided to get one of those Garmin things. It was so awesome not having to argue about how to get anywhere. We would plug in an address and poof... we had a map. Or if we were looking for something to do, we could look for entertainment, restaurants, GAS stations. Awesome! I so wanna buy one. But looking at prices, I don't think I can afford one. Oh well.

So before we left on our trip we looked up all the free things we could do. We went to the California Science center where they were showing some pretty cool stuff.

This is a real rock... that looks like a hologram.

This is a whole bunch of Stick Bugs. (I mean a WHOLE BUNCH.)

My beautiful family.

The Body World exhibit... (it was $19 per person, we didn't see the whole exhibit... just the free stuff. I got to touch some of them. That's pretty gross.)

LA Wal-Mart oooooh la la

The free exhibition Rose Garden

The next day at the Farmer's Market

What the GATEWAY wants to be when it grows up.

fruit and candy right next to eachother... my kind of place!!

Isaac was so cute... he got a free cookie.

Malibu We weren't too impressed. The big houses were up on the hill... but the beach was covered with all of these itty bitty sad looking houses. There was a shopping center, but I was saving my shopping for......

Rodeo Drive (not a great pic) but sometimes I feel like such a tourist. (Guess what the zip code here is folks!!!)

Sprinkles cupcakes... That line was huge... and if I'm gonna sin on a Sunday I want it to be easy, so maybe if there wasn't a line???

Made up for the sinning thoughts by helping some really slow people find their way.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You mean I came all this way for this???

So... um the day after I posted last was my mother's birthday. And I made her birthday gift. It started with printing the pattern off of the internet and piecing it together. I decided I would embroider it and spent 4 days with a hoop and needle in my hands. But I think it turned out. And it's being used, it didn't disappear into the closet. So I think she liked it.

I've been taking a break. As you can tell. I'd like to say I deserve a break... but I think I was just punking out. So I'm working on my next post. We went on vacation to LA and I took some pictures. Check back soon.