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Yoplait giveaway

Go here. Maybe win. If I don't.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Snips and Snails and Puppy dog tails....

Introducing Micah Voigt (i love this onesie)

my boys

Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally Here

Yep you guessed it they are finally here the long awaited for pictures of..... the house.

Rose by our front door

very rare picture of a very preggo me

Now pictures of the inside of my house. BEWARE... House not CLEAN!!! I decided that if I waited to show pictures of my house once I had gotten it clean you would never get pictures. At the time of these pictures I was nesting, and when I mean nesting I was filling my freezer with baked goods and frozen dinners so I wouldn't have to really cook once the baby was here. So my house wasn't clean until the night before Micah was born. It had all my relatives quite frustrated that I was trying to get them to go to sleep, and I wouldn't even sit down. And since the baby has come, the house has been all clean only three times. Now is not one of those times.

view from my front door

view of my front door

kitchen table (covered in baby bag and cookbooks)



cute vinyl lettering that the previous owner put up. (I love it.)

stairs up to the top level

linen closet

the boy's room (with a car bed that is now in use)

boy's closet with a loft big enough to fit a twin size bed

Ikea bookshelf I stood in line for hours to get 1/2 price

bathroom (it looks better if I clean up after getting ready for the day)

Very boring master suite and the Ikea chair I spent hours in line to get for 1/2 off too. (I think I'm going to repaint this very boring room next spring.. or sooner)
Uggghh and reframe those pictures. Or get rid of them.

family room (with a sick little boy in the monster sak)

spare bedroom, right now it's a craft room

laundry room and a full bathroom behind it

scary closet

short storage in scary closet

Hooray for pictures of the house

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Trying to win a prize

You should go to this website.
Look at the adorable cakes and maybe enter this giveaway. If you don't live in the area. I have several family members that do and would probably love it if you gave it to them. Thanks.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Pictures I promised from long ago.

Easter egg cookies. When I cut them out they started out as the size of the small eggs. After they cooked they spread to the size of the large ones.

I only made two colors of frosting. White and yellow. So I made an egg.

Jon made a 3D egg.

This was my attempt at a Martha Stewart design.

Going up to Bridal Veil Falls

Split seconds before the foot went into the water.

Crying because mom won't let me walk in the freezing ice melt.

Bridal Veil Falls

Takin' this rock home

Really wanted to take this rock home.

(next post is house pics... I promise)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have new neighbors and they are all so wonderful and friendly. The day we moved in our neighbor two houses down gathered his kids together and they each provided a service. The younger ones took Isaac to his room and kept him out of the way. The Mom talked with me and made me sit down. And Dad and the older boys moved boxes from my garage all around my house. It wasn't until a week later that I discovered who my neighbor is.
His name is Derek Hegsted. He painted this

and this

Very talented man and very wonderful kind family.
It just makes my new house all the better.

speaking of house.... I'd love to show you the pictures I've been taking. But I can't find my connection cord. I'm going to have to work it some other way.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

House HOuse HOUSE!!!!!

house now

house in bloom

more pics later...

Friday, April 10, 2009

What?? Where??

So... I can't find my camera. We're in the process of packing up our apartment and it has been placed somewhere to keep it safe. So safe... I can't find it. So no pictures. No pictures of the flood from my washing machine. No pictures of my carpet all torn up and the wind tunnel hallway. (None of my stuff was ruined in the flood. I might have had a panic attack, but my calm demeanor was all that was ruined.) You wanted pictures of my Easter cookies and how they spread double in size ... nope. (I didn't make homemade.) Maybe I'll save some of them and by tonight or tomorrow after packing up the rest of my house we'll find the camera and we'll have some pics. Well, we'll see.

Monday, March 23, 2009

What I did this weekend

Saturday morning we woke up and got out of the house by 9:00 AM.
I'm pretty impressed with myself. I guess if I have something fun to do in the morning I can be very enthused about waking up, eating, makeup done and getting the toddler ready for the day. AND the husband out the door. I didn't want to be late. Luckily it only took us 30 mintues to get to IKEA. So I "thought" we were doing fine, "We've got thirty minutes, we're good." But then we see the front door. BIG HUGE line streaming out the front door. I calmed myself thinking oh no... it's okay... they're here for the free breakfast. And I ate so the lure of free bacon only tempted me for a second. But when we finally got inside we discovered that there were several long lines going on. It felt like Black Friday. Day after Thanksgiving mania. But lo and behold the brilliant folks at IKEA are smarter than the WAL-MART folks. No massive crowd surrounding teeny tiny pallets of portable DVD players. No one rushed the poor clerk and tore open the packaging before the correct time and ran off with five DVD players that they only grabbed because of the feeding frenzy behind them.

Shake it off... it's March. We're months away from even thinking about that horrible day. Or perhaps you'll be like me and never ever go again. No digital picture frame is worth that. Save up your money and buy early. Sleep in on that lovely Friday. It's good to have Christmas done early. (I think I'm dreaming of a fantasy world here.)

And we're done... back to IKEA!
No here at the haven that is IKEA, they handed a special piece of paper to every one who stood in line and there were several clerks keeping the order. No line skipping, no grabbing from the pallet and running. Every one got their turn. And they split the lines up. If you wanted the $10 pot, you stood in one line. If you wanted the 99 cent jars you stood in another. At the end of the line which was way behind me they ran out of papers and those folks didn't get jars... but at least you knew you weren't going to have to stand in line and you could buy something else (or leave).

I could almost, maybe, do it again. They made the chaos bearable. But I don't handle lines very well. That's why my family only goes to the movies in Ogden. When you can go to a movie the first day it comes out and know with out a doubt that the tickets you bought will provide seats that you picked out so you can all sit next to eachother. HEAVEN! We'll see about the IKEA thing.

The jars are lovely... and the fact that I paid 99 cents per jar makes me smile when I look at them.

And this little ice cube tray doesn't hurt either. Starfish shaped soaps... they are gonna be cute.

Sunday I made these.

They get better.

Yes I used my finger to scrape this bit of caramel out of the pan and promptly ate it.

Now if you thought they were good before... now they either get better or inedible.

Half of my family will eat them, and the other half will decide that they'll order pizza. Too bad, more for me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In desperate need

You know when you are wandering about shopping and you see that THING... the thing that you are absolutely sure that if you don't have it you'll be miserable. So you pick it up and put it in your cart and walk around and pretend you own it until it's time to leave the store and you sigh and realize that you really don't need it and that you really can't afford it. So you put it back and really try to make yourself believe that you don't need it. That is the way I feel about these salt and pepper shakers.

But I've only seen them online. (Thanks to Bed Bath and Beyond's emails)
So I've pulled up the web page and I look at them every time I pass the computer in my small front room. Perhaps I'll get sick of them... and perhaps I'll just have to go to the store this weekend and put them in my cart and pretend I own them for a few minutes.

It's the same with these containers from IKEA

perhaps if I buy those containers... I'll probably have to make these soaps to fill one of them to put in my bathroom.

I think I can afford 99 cent containers.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Anonymous lurker request

My anonymous lurker requested more pics. So I decided to give them some. I guess I just needed to be asked. I'm such a lazy bum.

Working on the square foot garden

Using daddy's tools

making sushi (sorry, I couldn't rotate the pic)


The boy got loose

We've got another egg smashing, tool wielding, cookie eating little boy on the way!!!