Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Excuse me... is my tag showing?

I carry this bag and the diaper bag... I don't feel embarrassed, I have a baby.

old shopping list
X96 freeloader card
2 quarters
travel bottle of aleve
itty bitty contact case
Bear River pride pin (it came off my keys)
ear plugs
SEVERAL receipts
nail buffer
Trident gum
jump drive cap
sanitizing wipe
coupons (diapers and sweetened condensed milk)
gum wrapper
last year's b-day cake recipe
almost empty baby food container (ewww)
lip balm and lip gloss
cuticle cream
business cards
several love notes from hubby
NOT used tissues

I don't know who to tag..... get back to me.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Would the real Valentine's day please stand up?

Valentine's day was lovely. I think I got everything finished that I wanted to. I finished my heart cakes and gave them to the Provo Canyon School boys. I didn't put the cute sayings on the hearts...but I'm sure that no one missed them. Maybe just me. The cake recipe was wonderful, but I used the Billy's vanilla vanilla frosting. It was too sweet for this cake. Billy's frosting is better for Billy's cake. Next time I'll either follow the recipe or use a cream cheese frosting. I also made some sugar cookies and used the BVV frosting. They were wonderful. I did go a little bit overboard when making these cookies. It probably only frustrates me, but I was going for a more professional look and when you bake your cookies they always spread. So when you get the cookies out of the oven re-cut them. And then eat all the edges that are leftover. Looking at the close up of the cookies the center cookie at the top was not re-cut... the cookie with the three large dragees is the re-cut version of that cookie. You really don't have to do that... I was just being anal that day... and really wanted cookie edges.
For dinner we had New York steak, Roasted Balsamic Onions, and Garlic Potato Souffle (which sounds gross and doesn't look good in the picture.. but it was really tasty.) We didn't spend any money on presents this year so we went the crafty way. Here is a picture of Jon's paper dolls and a picture of my wooden valentine.

And what is any blog of mine if there isn't a picture of the baby.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine's and a Virus

Isn't this the cutest little man. He's been so sick. We went to the doctor after a bit of mommy panicking and discovered that Isaac has RSV. Respiratory Something or other Virus. Constant runny nose and yucky cough. We've got him on a breathing treatment and it was so funny watching him play with the machine. His grandma Sara came down to take care of us for a day and when she saw him she said it looked like a baby crackpipe. We thought it was hilarious. If you don't think it's hilarious.... please forgive us heathens.
Remember when I said I was about to go crazy with all of the crafting. It has started. I'm having so much fun. It starts with my valentines plans. Whenever we'd go to Wal-mart to look for baby christmas presents, Jon would want to look at the Transformers. He would get so disappointed that they were just action figures. They wouldn't transform. Well I found these paper ones... thanks to Nicebunny. No these don't transform... but they sure are cute. I found this one that transforms, I just haven't tried to put him together yet.... he scares me. Cuttin' Sewin' Gluein'. It's gonna take some intense baby being asleep time.

I'm making these little cakes I saw on the Martha Stewart site. I love being able to watch the show clips on the internet. I was so sad when channel 4 took her off the air. Did you know if you stay up until 2am you can watch the previous days show on channel 5. They are so kind.
I'm not finished making the cakes yet... I had to freeze the little devils before frosting them so I can get the edges super sharp. So while I was freezing those, I made suckers that I saw on Paula Deen. Don't all y'all just love Paula.

Friday, February 1, 2008

I feel like such a stalker

I am now addicted to looking at blogs. No one is safe. Especially if you have a crafty or foodie blog. I'm probably coming after you next..... (insert maniacal laughter here.) It all started with homemadebyjill (a link connection is on my list 'o links). I am so amazed at what this gal can accomplish. I've decided to be her when I grow up. And from her blog I've been following others and finding many crafty things I'm gonna try. Jon should be terrified. I'm ready to go nuts. Our home will never be the same.

I need help. How do you put in a link? i.e. if you see the name homemadebyjill in my script and you move your pointer over it, the pointer changes and makes it so you can go to her website.. I've been trying to figure it out so you could go to the Sweet Potato recipe. But alas... I struggle. HELP (please)