Friday, September 12, 2008

What have you been doing????

Living.... and being busy. Not so busy that I couldn't update the blog. But hey, sometimes we're lazy.
I had a birthday and Isaac had some secret cupcakes.

Jon's family came to visit back on the 23rd of August, and it was a long wonderful week. We so rarely get to see his family, so Jon took the entire week off. Here are a some pictures.

Hiking the "Y"

One of the few who made it the whole way.

My boys at the Zoo

One of my favorite things at the zoo.

My "taller than my husband" 14-yr-old brother-in-law

and sadly that's where my pictures ended. But here's a list of what we did.
Saturday - Grocery shopping and Watch KungFu Panda
Sunday - Church and family time
Monday- Hike the Y. Visit the museum. Movie in the park.
Tuesday - All day at Boondocks in Draper
Wednesday - Hogle Zoo. Temple Square and talking with a family friend.
Thursday - Lazyness until Jon and Family went swimming, I watched Ace of Cakes and Iron Chef on my butt on the couch.
Friday - Some shopping around Orem and another Museum and a really late BBQ.
Saturday - Drive 4 hours to Idaho Falls and see a baptism, eat at Chuck-a-rama!!! (Woohoo no cooking!)
Sunday - Drive back 2 hours to Tremonton and eat dinner at Grandma Jo's. She makes excellent burritos and ice cream sandwiches.

Jon's family left after ice cream. It was great to hang out with everyone. I'm glad I had the next few days to do absolutely nothing. It was glorious.