Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Things I'm doing...

I made a Sweet Potato Pie. When you think of Sweet Potato Pie, do you think of that country song too? Paula Deen sure knows what she's doing. It was wonderful. Similar to a pumpkin pie but different. I think I might like them even more than pumpkin. When I make it again, I'm going to leave out some of the sugar. I'm sweet enough. :) I'm also not going to do the meringue, a dollop of whipped cream would be wonderful. The meringue is pretty, but I did something wrong because when we were cutting it, the meringue didn't slice... it tore and balled up. (It's probably because I didn't serve it until the next day.)

I've got more things to share, but Isaac is sick. It is completely impossible to accomplish anything. At this moment, he is throwing a fit and I'm having to move him around to keep him happy. It's hard to be happy when your nose is constantly running. And your mom keeps wiping it. I'd be mad too. There has been one truly saving grace. During the times that he is inconsolable, I have found that a piece of black licorice is amazing. Messy, but amazing. Heaven bless Sweet Potato Pie and Black Licorice.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tagging.... isn't that illegal?

Five random things about me....

1. I am a recipe fanatic. I have one bookshelf level filled with cookbooks and in the area above the books I have file folders filled with printed off recipes. I have only used about 1/4 of the recipes I have. I currently am trying to really look at the recipes and throw a bunch away. I also am trying to use more of the recipes... but I find that many of them call for really expensive ingredients.

2. I have been daydreaming about winning the Publisher's Clearing House. We're not hurting for money... but I've been imagining what I would do with it if we won. I would buy two hybrid cars, pay off loans, buy a house, and take the gumpaste flower classes I found online for $500. And that's just the orchids. There are plenty more things I'd do...but you're gonna get bored.

3. I love cinnamon toast. I currently have not made anymore cinnamon sugar and I am not going to. I go nuts when I'm hungry for a snack.

4. My two toes next to my big toe on my right foot are the same size. It's genetic I have other family members that are the same way.

5. I think about baking desserts during Sacrament Meeting. If you've ever seen "Waitress" I do the same thing, but without the crazy names.

6. I know there were only supposed to be 5 but I've been tagged twice. I want Katie to know I also make lists.... It's how I get through some pretty boring stuff. Or how I remember everything. If I don't make a list... I will forget several things.

7. I love the television show M*A*S*H. I think Alan Alda is hilarious.

8. I want to go on a Caribbean cruise so bad. We were hoping to go on one this year, but cars are dumb and expensive. So I look at all the brochures like you would look at the sears christmas catalog and plan where we'd go if we were going to go this year.

9. I very much dislike the band U2. I apologize to all those who are fans. I do not hold it against you. You might not like my choice of music.

10. I go to Jon's work every Wednesday and teach the boys how to cook. At first I really didn't want to do it. But now I really enjoy the boys. They just need someone in their lives that isn't expecting something. Someone to just have fun with. I'm glad I get to help out

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Temple, Hospital and Peas

We've had quite a bit of fun this past week. Monday we were on the road by 4:30 in the morning. My family drove up to Rexburg and we were able to tour the new temple. Who knew that they had groups going through at 7:30 in the morning. We were back in Tremonton around noon and around then was when we received the phone call that we were going to send Grandma Jo to the hospital to have her shoulder replaced. That pretty photo of the sunset is from her hospital room. Also this week Isaac learned to eat peas. Peas are almost as good as pears. He is so much more brave than I am. I opened the jar and almost gagged. So let it be said.... Babies are very brave. (Except when it comes to laying down in the bath tub.... that I have learned is terrifying.)

Don't go changin

So I've made some adjustments and I hope that I can do some more as we go. I am so jealous of some peoples blogs. I love the look and design. I am practicing... so someday I will know more about blogs. I received a comment from Evelyn quite some time ago and I've decided that I too am a "blogger stalker". And if I'm going to be looking into your lives... I must be kind and let you know how I'm doing. So here we go.