Monday, June 30, 2008

Spending money on things we lost

This post is a sad one. Isn't it the worst when you go to your travel bag looking for something you had taken with you, when lo and behold.... you left it plugged in the only available outlet in your hotel in California. So this weekend we quit pretending we'd be able to find it and bought a new battery charger for our camera. So I can take pictures again.
And after the family reunion last weekend I can't find our cell phone chargers... so we also had to purchase a car charger for our phones.
So sixty dollars later... our electronics are charged and raring to go.

We have been trying to get the elusive shots of Isaac dancing. Yet when the camera comes out he stops and runs (well wobbles quickly) to grab the camera to push as many buttons as he can before I can pull away. Buttons are so wonderful!

Kate- I too have the struggle of not being able to post videos. I'm hoping that maybe I can set them up on you tube and then create a link. We'll see what happens.
Thanks for being one of the two people who visit my site. The other being Roger, well Roger and Brittney, so I guess three people. Love you guys.
p.s. (for Roger and Brittany) I have now watched almost all recent episodes of Doctor Who from Rose to The Doctor's Daughter. Thank you for creating an addict out of me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This woman is hilarious. I love going to her website and reading about her random happenings. I highly recommend visiting her site daily, for her new recipes, photo school and giveaways. Please visit and enjoy.

update: She's having a giveaway 6/18/08. Make a comment on her confessions blog and try to win a Zune. Good Luck

Sunday, June 8, 2008

high in the sky Apple PIE hopes!!!!

I'm getting ready for a Family reunion and I am in charge of kids games. We've got quite the list going, and I decided that a pie eating contest would be great... WHO DOESN'T LOVE PIE! (Well you might not like pie... and you don't have to be in my contest. So we're good.)

Jon and I are having a lovely conversation about who's got the better idea... and how I'm right and you're wrong... so to stop the madness (not anger.... insanity). I need blogger friend help. I know you are out there. You secret blog readers. I am one. I understand, sometimes I just don't have a comment. But the baby pics are lovely THANKS.

One of us would like to make a PIE, with crust, filling and whipped cream on the top. Then cut the pie into pieces and whoever eats their piece first without hands... Wins.
The other would like to buy little throwaway pie tins and put just filling and whipped cream, no crust, and make you eat out of the tin, with no hands.

So I need COMMENTS. Should we do it *with crust or *without. And also please include what kind of pie you would want for this family friendly competition. (Remember kids don't eat mincemeat)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

This is the best craft website ever. I am absolutely stunned by the imagination and talent of the people shown here. Who would have ever thought of an octopus ring?

Or cupcake shaped bathfizzies?

Well now you know!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's time again for the SALMON FRY!!!

And yet... sniff sniff. We are not going this year. Due to the rising price of gas, the rising price of Salmon Fry, and that we were up for Graduation last week. Our pockets are seeming a little on the empty side.

So those of you who live so near to the pure JOY that is the sauce you put on the salmon, think of me. And if somehow you have a recipe for the sauce.... send it to me. I will pretend I'm there luxuriating in the flavor that is BUTTER. And I would probably forever be your slave.